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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Turtle Sale

Turtle Sale is a great place to adopt turtles. Before I get started I will give you the site You can adopt all kinds of turtles. You can buy baby turtles the size of a quarter to big turtles for a back yard pond. You can buy baby turtles in various breeds such as baby red ear slider turtles (which is what I have), baby Mississippi map turtles, baby peninsula cooter turtles, baby yellow belly turtles, baby red belly turtles, baby common musk turtles, baby Rio Grande River Cooter turtles, baby Soft Shell Turtles (which is what I have. I recommend this turtle because it is energetic and can be tamed to come over to the side of the tank when you are there), baby Snapping Turtles, baby Eastern Painted turtles, baby Texas Map Turtles (very pretty), and baby Reeve’s Turtles. There are some more kinds of baby turtles but you will have to go to Turtle Sale to see them. Some of the big turtles are the same species as the baby turtles I already mentioned. You can also adopt rare turtles. I will only mention a few since I don't want to type all night. They are Pearl River Map Turtles, Pink Belly Side Neck Turtles, African Side Neck Turtles, Pink Belly Snapping Turtles, Mexican Musk Turtles, and Black-Knobbed Sawback Map Turtles.

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